Who we are ?

Bioluz is an independent pharmaceutical laboratory, recognized for the production of sterile solutions. We are offering to our industrial players in the Healthcare sector specific know-how in small and medium series with high quality  requirement. This positioning provides an unique and personalized service to manufacturers.

The Women and Men of Bioluz will be committed to the collective success of the project while perpetuating the culture and values ​​of independence and local actor.

All activity, production, control, logistics is located in France in St-Jean-de-Luz.

Since April 2013, the company has been taken over in the form of SCOP SA by its employees with the objective of maintaining local skills, know-how and jobs.

The BIOLUZ Laboratory has been engaged for 8 years in a quality of life at work (QLW) approach, and aims to promote professional equality between women and men. For the year 2023, the measurement of the equality index of the BIOLUZ laboratory is 98/100.

Bioluz pharmaceutical laboratory